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Introductory Thoughts, Part 1

August 25, 2009

Men, everyone one of us wants to impress the women in our lives, or the women we want in our lives. There are many options available to impress women. Some require special talents. I am going to provide you a way to accomplish the result you want without special talents: Cook for her in your kitchen or hers.
If I can cook and impress a woman, so can you. It may seem absurd, but this chubby middle-aged guy can provide you some help to really impress the girls, and this in a place that is not normally associated with our domain, the kitchen. This is the beauty of the plan. It is totally unexpected. And it is not as difficult as you might think. It is just an easy step from the outdoor grill to the indoor stove. And every man can put a little of himself in this endeavor.
It will take a bit of organization and effort, as does anything worthwhile in life. You will need to expend some energy and you will need to be capable of following directions. But these are things that every man can do. We learned this in when we played Pewee Football.
There was a transition point in my own life when my wife, daughter and I moved in with my wife’s sister and family. Now Cindy, my sister-in-law, is quite the baker. She does wonders with breads and cakes. Just thinking about her cinnamon buns causes me to drool.
I was without a job, looking for work. Since everyone else abandoned the house through the day, I decided to prepare some of the meals and make tasty treats a few times a week. My cooking successfully impressed Cindy! She couldn’t get enough of my buttermilk pancakes. And on more than one occasion she brought back the ingredients needed for my fried rice.
Men, knowing your way around the kitchen will open up a host of opportunities and will continually impress (and in some cases amaze) the women in our lives. And is that not what we want? We want to impress them.
I know it may seem unnecessary, preaching to the choir, but let me share a few of the benefits of impressing the women in our lives. It may surprise you to know that few women are impressed by our maleness. I suppose I could quote from Shakespeare or a classic poet, but instead let me illustrate from one of the contemporary bastions of male insight into women, the old “Home Improvement” T.V. show. I’m sure most of us are familiar with the show now nightly showing in syndication. When the 10:00 news is boring you can switch over and watch. The lead character Tim isn’t the one who makes an impression on the girls, it’s Al and Wilson that do that. Now both Al and Wilson are men’s men. Al for instance has a beard, wears plaid shirts and jeans, and really knows how to handle Benford tools. Wilson like most men is an expert at just about everything. What’s great about these guys is that they also come across as “sensitive” males, and the girls love them. Al takes care of mom and cooks and goes to the theater. Wilson, though short a mom, also knows his way around the kitchen. And Wilson has the listening ear of a marriage counselor, and women love marriage counselors.
One of the keys to impressing women then is the appearance of sensitivity. Sensitivity is tricky because it must appear heart-felt. Now part of our problem as men is our sophisticated male humor that at times appears insensitive. Women have a hard time understanding our complicated humor, losing the subtlety, seeing only the slap stick. In order to impress our women we have to appear sensitive and sentimental. Now we have a choice, laugh and cry through Steel Magnolias to make them think we are sensitive or find some other way to impress them other than sensitivity.