About Rod

Welcome men. It happened years ago when I brought brownies to a community event. The women swooped to them devouring the rich buttery chocolate. Their united question? “You made these?!” I had never experienced women being impressed with me, besides my wife of course. And she is still gullible to this day. Anyway, I learned an important lesson that day–you don’t have to have rippling biceps, be tall, dark and handsome, or have a rich baritone voice to impress a woman. You just need to know how to cook. Well by golly with a little help every man can learn to cook. And I’m here to rescue you.

I enjoy cooking. I realize that once a man steps inside from the grill to the kitchen it is sometimes like crossing enemy lines, but the simple skills required to operate a gas or charcoal grill, the simple skills necessary at operating a power drill, are skills that are all transferable to the kitchen.

The purpose of this blog is to provide real men with the skills necessary to impress their mother, sister, aunt, grandma, or more importantly girl friend or wife in the kitchen.

And while no man can ever be as cute as Rachel Ray, we need to remember that the best cooks have always been men, whether Cronk cooking mastadon on the outdoor spit, or Emeril LaGasse, or Melvin at the local Waffle House.

I have a couple other blogs, Unhealthy Cooking for more fun discussion about cooking, eating, fat people, skinny people, and the entire food/diet industry.



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